Triplet Therapy Induces Durable Response In Refractory Myeloma Interview with:
Dr. Ajai Chari MD
Associate Professor
Medicine, Hematology and Medical Oncology
Tisch Cancer Institute
Mount Sinai School of Medicine
New York, NY

Medical Research: What is the background for this study?

Dr. Chari: This is a heavily pretreated population where the median progression free survival (PFS) of the pomalidomide dexamethasone is only 4 months and ORR is only 31%. While the anti CD38 monoclonal antibody daratumumab has single agent has activity in this setting, patients with rapidly progressive disease need combination therapy to achieve rapid and deep responses. Pomalidomide also upregulates CD38 on MM cells and like daratumumab, increases the effector cell activity against myeloma. Thus, there is a strong preclinical and clinical rationale for combining daratumumab with pomalidomide and dexamethasone.

Medical Research: What are the main findings?

Dr. Chari: Our results support this hypothesis with no additional safety concerns from combination therapy and impressive rapid, deep, and durable responses. Even in a heavily pretreated population with a median of 4 lines of prior therapy, including 67% double refractory patients, the overall response rate was 71% and the median PFS and DOR was not reached. With a median follow up of 4.8 months, the 6 month PFS rate was 66%. These very encouraging results compare favorably with a pom-dex doublet therapy and warrant further studies of the dara pom dex triplet regimen. 

Medical Research: What should clinicians and patients take away from your report?

Dr. Chari: The addition of the monoclonal antibody daratumumab to pomalidomide and dexamethasone is safe and efficacious.


Presented at the 2015 American Hematology Society

Open-Label, Multicenter, Phase 1b Study of Daratumumab in Combination with Pomalidomide and Dexamethasone in Patients with at Least 2 Lines of Prior Therapy and Relapsed or Relapsed and Refractory Multiple Myeloma

Myeloma: Therapy, excluding Transplantation
Program: Oral and Poster Abstracts
Type: Oral
Session: 653. Myeloma: Therapy, excluding Transplantation: Novel Combinations in Immuno-Oncology

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Dr. Ajai Chari MD (2015). Triplet Therapy Induces Durable Response In Refractory Myeloma