Donna Armellino RN, DNP, CIC Vice President, Infection Prevention Northwell Health, Infection Prevention Lake Success, N. Y.

Ultraviolet System Enhances Disinfection of Patient Equipment Interview with:

Donna Armellino RN, DNP, CIC Vice President, Infection Prevention Northwell Health, Infection Prevention Lake Success, N. Y.

Dr. Armellino

Donna Armellino RN, DNP, CIC
Vice President, Infection Prevention
Northwell Health, Infection Prevention
Lake Success, N. Y. What is the background for this study? 

Response: The background for initiating this study was to assess frequently used equipment within the patient care environment following standard manual cleaning and disinfection compared to disinfection with PurpleSun’s shadowless 90-second cycle focused multivector ultraviolet (FMUV) delivery system. Microbes exist within the environment. Cleaning followed by disinfection, regardless of method, is intended to decrease levels of these microbes to minimize exposure and the risk of infection.

To measure the effectiveness of the two methods of disinfection a five-point culturing method was used to assess microbial burden. This method was used to assess patient care equipment cleanliness after manual cleaning/disinfection and following the use of FMUV after an operative case and was used to sample equipment deemed cleaned/disinfected and ready for use outside the operative environment. Microbial burden was reported as colony forming units (CFUs). Comparison of the CFUs before cleaning/disinfection, after cleaning/disinfection, and after the use of FMUV allowed efficacy of the disinfection methods to be compared.  What are the main findings?

Response: The main findings of the study reported a significant reduction in CFUs on sampled objects when FMUV was used compared to manual cleaning/disinfection alone. These results support the need for enhanced disinfection with the use of FMUV for equipment used in the patient care environment. The decreased microbial burden in the environment could potentially result in a decreased risk of microbial transmission and healthcare-acquired infections. What should readers take away from your report?

Response: Manual cleaning and disinfection is intended to reduce microbial burden, but may not achieve the intended outcome due to the complexity of cleaning/disinfection procedures and potential failures that can leave microbes in the environment and at times even increases environmental contamination. The use of FMUV with or without manual cleaning/disinfection can reduce environmental microbes, especially on all sides of equipment. The device is made of ergonomically designed foldable partitions that when placed in a cube formation allows light to hit five different surface points (top and all four sides). Improving disinfection is achieved using a high level of ultraviolet light intensity to achieve disinfection in 90-second cycle that allows for integration into the normal workflow. What recommendations do you have for future research as a result of this work?

Response: This study focused on assessment of microbes, measured by CFUs within an operating room that had cleaning and disinfection assessed by Arrowsight Inc., a company that uses remote video auditing and feedback to improve practices. The company assessed and reported compliance with an in-between and end-of-day cleaning/disinfection checklist followed by reporting compliance with the checklist at >95% back to leadership and the staff within 24 hours. RVA and high compliance scores with the standardized checklist within this study may have potentially resulted in lower CFUs following manual cleaning/disinfection, therefore a similar study in an operative environment without RVA needs to be repeated to see if similar or dissimilar CFUs are identified. I hypothesize the CFU counts would be higher without RVA, therefore the CFU results following FMUV would be more dramatic in favor of the value of disinfection with FMUV. Is there anything else you would like to add?

Response: The environment plays a role in contributing to the infection risk for patients, especially when they are vulnerable and exposed to direct and indirect transmission of potentially harmful microbes. This ultraviolet light technology device reduces environmental microbes for the purpose of making health care facilities safer and improving the patient’s healthcare experience.

Any disclosures? The trial utilizing FMUV was conducted at a Northwell Health facility and Northwell Health’s for-profit entity, True North, is an investor in PurpleSun. I continue to work on innovative ways to improve the quality of health care and augment risks to minimize harm to those who enter a health care facility as a patient, visitor, or a health care provider.

Donna Armellino, Thomas J. Walsh, Vidmantas Petraitis, Wladyslaw Kowalski,

Assessment of focused multivector ultraviolet disinfection with shadowless delivery using 5-point multisided sampling of patient care equipment without manual-chemical disinfection,

American Journal of Infection Control, 2018,,ISSN 0196-6553,

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