I think the main message here is that even among women with presumably favorable prognosis breast tumors (HR-positive, axillary node-negative), Black women die from their cancer at a significantly higher rate than women from most other racial/ethnic groups, even after controlling for treatment and known prognostic variables (including the Oncotype recurrence score).

Historically, investment and innovation in women’s health have been limited. However, Mycovia is committed to recognizing and empowering those living with unmet medical needs, which is one of the reasons we focused first on developing oteseconazole for recurrent vaginal yeast infections.

As a physician treating patients with difficult conditions like HRS-1, I am committed to continuing to build on decades of research of investigational products like terlipressin that can advance our scientific understanding of potential treatment options for these very sick patients who often rapidly decline and experience significant mortality rates if left untreated.