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E-Cigs: New Source of Second-Hand Smoke for Children

"E-Cigarette/Electronic Cigarette/E-Cigs/E-Liquid/Vaping/Cloud Chasing" by Vaping360 is licensed under CC BY 2.0 CC BY 2.0MedicalResearch.com Interview with:Jenny L. Carwile, ScD, MPH
Department of Medicine
Maine Medical Center


MedicalResearch.com: What is the background for this study? What are the main findings?

Response:  Although e-cigarette aerosols are commonly perceived to be “harmless water vapors” they contain numerous potentially harmful chemicals including volatile organic compounds like formaldehyde, nicotine, heavy metals, and ultrafine particulates. Non-users can be exposed to these chemicals through secondhand exposure.

We found that in the US 4.9% of adults who lived in a household with children were current e-cigarette users.

MedicalResearch.com: What should readers take away from your report? 

Response: Children are exposed to secondhand e-cigarette aerosols, although the health effects of such exposure are not yet well understood. 

MedicalResearch.com: What recommendations do you have for future research as a result of this work? 

Response: Future research is needed on the health effects of secondhand exposure to e-cigarette aerosols. The American Academy of Pediatrics  recommends that smoke-free laws for cigarettes be expanded to e-cigarettes and e-cigarette use should not occur around children.

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Carwile JL, Fleisch AF, Young K, Ahrens KA. Electronic Cigarette Use in US Households With ChildrenThe “New” Secondhand SmokeJAMA Pediatr. Published online May 06, 2019. doi:10.1001/jamapediatrics.2019.1139 

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