About MedicalResearch.com – Mission Statement

MedicalResearch.com is edited and maintained by
Marie O. Uberti Benz, MD FAAD
Robert L. Benz, MD FACP FASN

MedicalResearch.com reports latest news from medical researchers and health care providers.

We are both practicing physician educators who have been in medical practice for over thirty years.


Dr. Marie Benz is press credentialed and receives embargoed copies of medical research journal articles and medical meeting abstracts from major and specialty medical journals including:



Dr. Marie Benz is a member of the American Medical Writers’ Association.


Dr. Robert Benz is an experienced medical researcher and reviewer of medical journal research submissions:  Click here for BIOSKETCH.


The interview format of this medical research website is geared toward the busy practitioner or member of the interested public. The editors of MedicalResearch.com select key journal articles and publish interviews from the designated researchers in a standardized format familiar to members of the broad medical community.

In particular, the editors are interested in learning from the medical researchers :


  • What are the key points of your research?
  • Was the outcome compatible with your premise or were the results surprising?
  • What should practicing clinicians and the public take home from your study?
  • What further questions remain to be answered in this answer? What further research is indicated?


The goals of MedicalResearch include:

  • Medical educational resource for health care health care providers, patients and the interested public.  To that end, we attend major and specialty medical conferences as press as well as review up-to-date medical literature.  All interviews conducted with medical researchers are unique to MedicalResearch.com.
  • Provide a resource for medical research news and information.  This news may be in the format of press releases, interviews with industry leaders and conference or literature information.
  • Review and report information referable to medical research from government and oversight organizations, including CMS.
  • Interview medical researchers from the major medical journals.  The credentials of these researchers are listed.  Material published in the interviews is for background information only and is not intended as specific medical advice.
  • Bibliographic reference to the source data is given for all interviews and materials on this site.
  • The information provided on the site is meant to complement and not replace any advice or information from a health professional, and should be considered for background informational purposes only. The information is also not supported or endorsed by our hospital affiliations.
  • MedicalResearch.com is funded through it’s parent company, Eminent Domains Inc.


We appreciate the opportunity to serve the Medical Research patient and provider communities and welcome your suggestions and feedback.



Marie O. Uberti Benz, MD FAAD
Robert L. Benz, MD FACP FASN
P.O. Box 345
Narberth, PA 19072


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