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Marie O. Uberti Benz, MD FAAD

Robert L. Benz, MD FACP FASN
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8 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Waiting for the ‘subscribe to our newsletter’ popup to gradually fill, line-by-line, was mildly soul-destroying. Your web designer probably didn’t need to pick that one element to ‘jazz up’…thanks.

  2. The interview with Dr. Nicholas Wolfinger was not done correctly and haveingredients a PhD in would have held him to a much higher standard. The lack of marriage in America and the MGTOW movement has little to do with science rather the basis is legal and financial at the core of the moment. This article will have many discrediting the Doctor and the article. I would have the guy apologize for not maintaining the highest possible standard in research and presentation. Or is the fact that he has a PhD mean his standards are allowed to be lower?

  3. Zero doubt pelvic organ prolapse will generate the next significant shift in women’s health. Estimates indicate POP impacts up to half the female population, yet POP screening does not occur during routine pelvic exams despite childbirth and menopause being the leading causal factors. We need considerably more research and specializing clinicians to address the shift coming.

  4. Is there a reason why there has been no investigations regarding Electric Shock Therapy ? I was a victim at a minor age (16) and my experience did not qualify for a legal investigation then date (1972) that would indicate parental abuse of a disabled child. My disability is epilepsy by abuse from this ‘parent’. Why is Electric Shock Therapy not investigated?

  5. I read your interview with Proove biosciences ceo. I could not find any validation studies on proove website. Thanks. Jim Evans

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