Author Interviews, BMJ, General Medicine, Heart Disease / 30.10.2014 Interview with: Anne Bellemain-Appaix Service de Cardiologie-La Fontonne Hospital, Antibes, France and Gilles Montalescot Professor of  Cardiology Institut de CardiologiePitié-Salpêtrière Hospital Université Paris 6, France ACTION Study Group, Paris, France Medical Research: What is the background for this study? Response: Pretreatment with P2Y12 inhibitors for Non-ST-Elevation Acute Coronary Syndrome (NSTE-ACS) patients, although advised in current guidelines, has been recently questioned in term of benefit/risk ratio (no ischemic benefit and increase in major bleeding). We wanted to answer this question by giving enough power to results in a complete meta-analysis of studies comparing P2Y12 inhibitors pretreatment (defined as its administration before the coronary angiogram) to no pretreatment in NSTE-ACS. (more…)