Addiction: An Anchor that Weighs on Your Spirit and Finances

Addiction is a part of modern life. Some people have addictions that are regarded as minor and not particularly dangerous. Caffeine addiction is widespread, for instance. Other individuals become addicted to something like drugs or alcohol, though.

Addiction therapy in Houston may be appropriate if you live there and feel your life is slipping out of your control. If you live elsewhere, you must look for inpatient or outpatient facilities close to you.

Some people compare addiction to an anchor that weighs you down. We will talk about why that is an apt comparison right now.

What Addiction Does to Your Spirit

Anchors are things that incapacitate you, and many people who have a habit that is getting out of control feel that weight every day. It impacts you in many ways, but the spiritual exhaustion an addict feels might be the worst thing that happens to them.

When you look at an addict, you might see what their addiction is doing to them physically, but what it is doing to them mentally and psychologically is often just as evident. They may slump as though they’re literally carrying something heavy on their shoulders.

This is because they often have to lie and hide their addiction or the extent of it from family members, friends, and coworkers. There’s no way that can be anything but exhausting.

What It Does to Your Finances

The financial toll is obviously another aspect of addiction that usually becomes problematic sooner rather than later. Unless you have unlimited money, addiction is going to impact your finances in a negative way. This might happen gradually, or it may occur much more quickly if you didn’t have much money when you crossed the line into full-blown addiction.

Your drug of choice will presumably cost money, whether you’re in the grips of alcohol, crack, heroin, or something else. The more expensive your drug of choice, the faster your cash will run out. If you’re doing a more expensive drug or you start to develop a tolerance for it, then that’s going to drain your bank account even quicker.

Finding a Way to Fight Back

Fighting back from drug or alcohol addiction is always possible, though. You can also fight back from something like gambling addiction or sex addiction.

It may sound trite, but admitting you have a problem is almost always the first step. If you’re not willing to face what’s happening to you, you’re probably not ready to fight it.

Enlisting the help of those who love you should come next. If you speak to them frankly and honestly about what you’re going through and tell them you need assistance, that will reveal whether you can rely on them or not.

Next will come the moment when you must figure out a path forward. That might involve outpatient or inpatient treatment, one-on-one or group therapy, medication, or some combination of those things.

The way forward might seem daunting, but remember that many people have battled addiction and won.


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