Author Interviews, Ophthalmology / 09.06.2018 Interview with: “pplkpr phone” by Kyle McDonald is licensed under CC BY 2.0Michelle Nguyen Senior Director, Consumer Marketing Lead Shire Ophthalmics What is the background for this initiative? How does screen time affect eye health?  Response: Screen responsibly is an educational initiative about the intersection between our screen use and eye health. This initiative is underscored by new national survey data and aimed at increasing our dialogue about how to love both our screens and our eyes. Screen responsibly is an extension of the eyelove campaign, which Shire launched in 2016 to elevate the importance of eye health and raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of Chronic Dry Eye, commonly referred to as Dry EyeSince being glued to your screen can trigger Dry Eye symptoms, it is important that people are aware of ways to screen responsibly.  How common is the problem of Dry Eye? How is it related to excessive screen time? Response: In the United States, nearly 30 million adults report symptoms consistent with Dry Eye. Dry Eye symptoms include a burning, itchy, stinging or gritty feeling in the eyes, episodes of blurred vision, eye redness and watery eyes. Shire is committed to addressing unmet needs within the Dry Eye patient community, and to do so, we sought to better understand their current behaviors, perceptions and knowledge around a common trigger of Dry Eye symptoms – intense screen usage. (more…)