Tracing Extrachromosomal DNA Inheritance Patterns in Glioblastoma Using CRISPR Interview with:

Eunhee Yi, Ph.D.Postdoctoral AssociateThe Jackson Laboratory

Dr. Yi

Eunhee Yi, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Associate
The Jackson Laboratory What is the background for this study? What are the main findings? 

Response: Recurrence after therapy for glioblastoma (GBM) is unavoidable. There are substantial differences among the cells of GBM tumors in the abundance and types of genetic materials. This heterogeneity is a major driver of therapy failure and disease progression. We previously reported that extrachromosomal DNA (ecDNA) elements, which reside outside the linear genome and represent a mechanism to amplify and activate oncogenes, is a potential cause of the increasing genetic diversity in GBM. Our current study is focused on the development of a novel cytogenetic tool to visualize ecDNA to visualize the behavior of these elements in live cells. We have leveraged the unique properties of ecDNA to develop a CRISPR-based “ecDNA tracing toolbox (EDTB)”.  Continue reading