Author Interviews, Kidney Disease / 05.04.2019 Interview with: Rudolf Lucas, PhD Professor Pharmacology and Toxicology Vascular Biology Center, Division of Pulmonary Medicine Michael P. Madaio, MD Sydenstricker Professor and Chairman Department of Medicine Medical College of Georgia Augusta University Augusta, Georgia 30912, USA. What is the background for this study? Response: The pro-inflammatory cytokine tumor necrosis factor (TNF) is a crucial mediator of glomerulonephritis, but the cytokine is also important in defense to bacterial infections. As such, chronically inhibiting TNF, using soluble TNF receptor constructs or neutralizing anti-TNF antibodies can promote infection. In this study, we wanted to develop a novel therapeutic strategy to specifically inhibiting deleterious TNF signaling, while preserving the beneficial anti-bacterial actions of the cytokine. (more…)