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  1. Dear Professor Wald,
    I read in the Times today that you are confident in recommending folic acid supplementation of our diet. I am sure that you are correct, but can I bring to your notice something that has long concerned me.
    I am a retired GP who had a father with spina bifida. I therefore kept closely in touch with the research into the causes. About 35 years ago, reading the early research papers, I became aware of the importance of folic acid in the prevention of spina bifida. At the time it was not widely accepted and the supplements of 400mcg, which are now everywhere, were not available. I prescribed a number of patients the 5mg dose of folic acid in their pregnancies. For about 2 years we had an unexpectedly high rate of severe heart defects in the babies. I mentioned this at a number of meetings, but it was never taken up, and no research has been done. I remain haunted that this dose might have had deleterious effects on the foetal heart.
    I’m aware this may have just been chance, but would be glad of your comments.

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