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  1. Dear Dr Avinainder Singh,
    I take note of your soon to be published article on YOUNG MI and the failure of current guidelines to predict the population at risk of atherothrombotic disease (ATD). Please be so kind as to e-mail me a copy of the article when it is printed. I have been working in the fields of preventive cardiology and interventional lipidology for almost 50 years, if one counts medical school and reading on the topics. During the last 44 years here in Bowling Green, I have accumulated a data base of 741 people with a full lipid profile, blood pressure profile, and cigarette smoking status. An additional 100 or so patients have full ATD risk analysis, but done on an in-patient basis and another 100 or so have a lipid profile consisting of CT and TG. I have used this database to determine the spectrum of ATD risk factor characteristics that defines the population at risk of ATD. This data base was accumulated between 4 Nov 1974 and will terminate 1 Jan 2018. If you are interested in my ability to predict the population at risk of ATD, please feel free to e-mail me at bgs43402@yahoo.com. Yopu can see my methodology at my website at http://www.bowlinggreenstudy.org, which is free and open to all.
    W.E. Feeman, Jr, MD

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