Pediatrics / 22.02.2021

Being a parent comes with a lot of challenges, but no matter what, you do everything you can to make sure your child is happy and healthy. You can’t control everything, whether it's your kid not getting on with another child in their class which makes them upset, or as they transition into their teenage years and decide to rebel against you. These are fairly normal experiences for parents, but there are other circumstances you might have to face that are more complicated and harder to navigate. If your child is diagnosed with a condition like cerebral palsy, it can be overwhelming. While your child can still have a perfectly happy and healthy life, they will have more challenges to overcome than a child who does not have the condition. If your child has recently been diagnosed, below are some tips on how you can support them as a parent.

Keep Them Active

Cerebral palsy affects a person’s mobility, coordination, and sometimes it can also impact their speech. Your child will have to take part in regular physical therapy sessions to keep their muscles strong and healthy, but this can be uncomfortable or painful at times, which can put them off taking part in these exercises. While this might be difficult to witness as a parent, you must encourage your child to continue with their therapy both during their sessions with a physiotherapist and at home with you. You should also encourage them to take part in activities they enjoy recreationally and to get them out of the house as much as possible. (more…)