Addiction, Author Interviews, Dermatology / 10.01.2017 Interview with: Dr Anthony Bewley FRCP Consultant Dermatologist Whipps Cross University Hospital & The Royal London Hospital What is the background for this study? Response: Delusional infestation (DI) is a very disabling condition, whereby patients hold a fixed, unshakeable false belief of being infested with insects or other inanimate objects such as fibres and threads. Previous studies have indicated a high rate of recreational drug use amongst patients with delusional infestation (DI). The aim of our pilot study was to look at the prevalence of recreational drug use in patients with delusional infestation who attended clinic over a three year period (Group 1). We also prospectively offered a urine drugs test to 24 consecutive patients over a three month period (Group 2). (more…)