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Take Control of Your Life and Treat Your Gambling Addiction

gambling addictionAn addiction to gambling can be an isolating ordeal that causes havoc among someone’s personal relationships, destroys personal finances, and exacerbates any mental health issues that a person may have.

Addiction is rarely an isolated incident. Typically there are many factors at play that can manifest themselves in the form of gambling. By tackling these underlying causes one can treat their addiction and eliminate the toxic habits that created it. In addition to confronting this by oneself, it is important for those who suffer from this to confide in those close to them as well as seeking advice from their doctor.

One major issue brought on by any kind of addiction is the sense of alienation that someone can experience. This is where it is important for them to open up to those who are close to them, like a loved one or a close friend. It will help alleviate the burden of struggling alone and will help others to understand what they are going through. Getting in touch with self-help groups can be another means of alleviating the feelings of alienation that addicts can experience while they are treating their compulsive gambling. This provides an outlet for an addict to express what they are going through while simultaneously getting the perspective of others who have struggled in a similar fashion.

One of the most important steps to take is the very first one. That is to be able to admit that there is a problem with gambling. Once this has been done, the problem becomes tangible and the addiction can be confronted directly.

One on one therapy alongside or instead of group therapy sessions is also highly recommended. Cognitive behavioral therapy is the most likely to help an addict in their recovery. This form of therapy trains someone to recognize the thought patterns that create the urge to gamble and provides them with tools in order to contain these urges. Along with eliminating thought patterns that are creating negative urges, they will develop positive thought patterns and exercises.

It may be beneficial for a person who is struggling with compulsive gambling issues to take medication that alleviates underlying symptoms. Antidepressants or mood-stabilizers can be prescribed by medical professionals to treat disorders like OCD or depression. These mental health issues are often related to gambling addiction and by treating them one may have an easier time fighting their addiction. 

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Last Updated on January 21, 2019 by Marie Benz MD FAAD