CBG vs CBD: What Are the Differences?

You may have seen a lot of information coming out over the last few years related to CBD. There’s a lot of studies and research taking place to prove the benefits that this substance can bring into the lives of so many people, and you may have already been in a position where you’ve tried it yourself.

However, another substance known as CBG is also taking the world by storm, and it’s important you don’t get the two mixed up. In today’s guide, we’re gong to zero in on what CBD and CBG are, what the differences are between them, and everything you need to know about each one.

What is CBD?

cbd-oil-cannabis-hempCBD can be found in everything these days, from skin creams and coffees to oils and healthcare products. CBD is a natural hemp product that is being used to help relieve chronic physical pains and mental health conditions, such as anxiety and depression. While not currently regulated by the FDA, there’s no denying that people who are using the products are hailing the benefits it can bring.

CBD oil doesn’t get you ‘high, and it isn’t marijuana, although it is found in the drug. CBD is actually one of the most common plants in the world and is being used for a variety of health-related purposes. You can find more information on CBD here.

So, What is CBG?

While CBD is taking the world by storm and gaining a huge amount of popularity, it is said that CBG is going to be the next best thing. CBG stands for ‘cannabigerol’, and is currently in testing stages where researchers are trying to discover what pharmacological benefits and properties the substance has. While at the time of writing this there have been no clinical trials, you can be sure they’re just around the corner.

CBG, like CBD, comes from plants and is reasonably common around the world, although not as common as CBD, and so far tests have shown it may be able to help with colitis, fighting cancers, and aiding the healing of neurodegeneration. CBG is a precursor to CBD, as well as CBC and THC. That being said, CBG products are already available, and there are many people who claim the benefits are unparalleled.

And the Difference Is?

So, while CBD and CBG are both cannabinoids by nature, they do come from different parts of the cannabis plant, which means they serve different purposes and have different properties, although there are many reasons to believe that the two substances will have some crossovers in what they’re able to achieve.

There are also signs that show that CBG can actually decrease the psychoactive nature of THC. Basically, if you’re high and your mind is altered on the ‘weed’ part of the cannabis plant, consuming CBG could help to decrease the effects and bring you back to a level-headed state of mind, which is unlike CBD that doesn’t seem to do anything.


While the differences may seem slight, many people are focusing on the benefits. If you’re suffering chronic pain or a mental health disorder and CBD hasn’t worked for you, then don’t worry, you may have another option in the form of CBG. If it works, then this is going to revolutionise the medical industry as we know it. 

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