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What Should All Soon To Be Parents Be Aware Of

Becoming a parent is an incredibly daunting task, it can put a lot of strain on individuals and relationships. This doesn’t necessarily have to be between the couples, as extended families might feel entitled to push new parents and make them feel bad for not raising their child in a certain way.

Young parent life can be seen as something fun, a new experience. But there are a lot of new things that are difficult to cope with. Stress boils, issues with post-partum depression become damaging and of course, nothing is as plain sailing as it might seem. That’s quite a list, so with that in mind – here are some of the main things that all soon-to-be parents should be aware of.


pregnancy pregnantStress might be something that isn’t new to you. Stress can come from a lot of things. You might have problems financially, or you might be struggling with a lot of sleep deprivation, especially if you are the pregnant person in your relationship. People might joke about you enjoying the sleep that you are getting now because it won’t last forever, but the chances are, you aren’t getting nearly enough sleep as it is already.

This is a period filled with highs and lows, especially if the due date is coming around the corner and you are struggling with making sure everything is ready on time. Stress is damaging to the baby too, so if your pregnant partner isn’t your top priority (which it absolutely should be through all of the pregnancy and newborn stages) you should switch it around so they are at the top of your list whenever they need anything.

You need to be prepared for unforeseen obstacles

If you have had the privilege of having a relatively trouble-free pregnancy, you might not be aware of some of the problems you might be facing after the baby is born. For example, a very stressful issue and an issue that many birthing people struggle with are lactation issues. This is obviously a horrendous thing to go through but going to an IBCLC lactation consultant can really help with these problems and help to make sure that both you and your baby are getting enough attention through this draining and sometimes very painful process.

You might also face horrific mental issues, such as postpartum depression. It can happen to anyone – from those that aren’t sure they want to be parents to those who have wanted nothing else their whole life. It can come swiftly and be devastating. The important thing is to get help as quickly as you can, even if you just feel a bit overwhelmed and down talking to someone can help prevent it spiraling into something worse. Many people suffering with postpartum depression are scared that if they talk to a professional or voice concerns that their baby will be taken away from them – this is a very common thought and one that isn’t true. Get help – you can’t fight this all on your own. If you need more incentive than looking after yourself then know that untreated depression in parents can have serious issues on kids, especially ones that rely on the affected person as the primary caregiver.

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Last Updated on July 27, 2022 by Marie Benz MD FAAD