Author Interviews, Clots - Coagulation, CT Scanning, Emergency Care, Geriatrics / 24.09.2015 Interview with: Dr Lim Beng Leong MBBS, MRCS (A&E), FAMS Jurong Health Services Emergency Department, Singapore  Medical Research: What is the background for this study? What are the main findings? Dr. Leong: It is common in the emergency department to see patients with warfarin who suffer a minor head injury (HI) with GCS >13. It is standard practice according to international guidelines to perform a plain CT scan of the head. What is contentious in the literature is the subsequent management of those patients with a normal initial CT scan. Practice is heterogeneous and includes a mandatory second CT scan at 24 hours mark or observation and repeat CT scan at the discretion of the attending doctor. We have found in our study that the "observe and repeat CT scan for symptomatic cases" approach only was safe as abnormal second CT scans were rare (1 in 295 cases). We traced the patients' course 2 weeks post discharge and none of the patients were re-admitted for reasons of delayed intra-cranial hemorrhage (ICH). However, the cohort of patients consist largely of geriatric patients with falls. More than 50% of these patients were hospitalized for more than 3 days; the longest of 2-3 weeks. They were likely to have various reasons that required longer hospitalizations apart from observation for delayed ICH, such as assessing for risk, etc. (more…)