Two Different European Strategies Achieve KDIGO Renal Anemia Targets Interview with:

Dorota Drozdz M.D., Ph.D Jagiellonian University Kraków

Dr. Dorota Drozdz

Dorota Drozdz M.D., Ph.D
Jagiellonian University

Response: In Poland and Portugal we use EPO beta for anemia treatment. Our interest was to find differences in clinical patterns taking in consideration that both countries are adherent to KDIGO recommendations an guidelines.

We found that in both countries the mean hemoglobin (Hb) level and percentage of patients in target Hb level (10-12 g/dl on ESA treatment) are the same, but the approaches were different – in Poland the ESA dose was statistically lower than in Portugal and iron dose was statistically higher than in Portugal. Most other lab tests results were similar. Future secondary outcomes analysis should answer the question, which method is safer.

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Erythropoietin Did Not Improve Neurodevelopment in Very Preterm Infants Interview with:
PD Dr. med. Giancarlo Natalucci

OberarztKlinik für Neonatologie
UniversitätsSpital Zürich What is the background for this study?

Dr. Natalucci:: Survival of very preterm infants has increased over the last decades but still they are at risk of developing long-term neurodevelopmental delay. The underlying pathology is termed encephalopathy of prematurity where both structural lesions of the very fragile brain and the disturbance of the physiologic maturational processes are recognized as the main causative entities. Among many pharmacological candidates to prevent brain injury and improve development, erythropoietin has been shown to be among the most promising.

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