4 Reasons to Consider Respite Care

Respite care is a short-term stay at an assisted living community for your loved one who requires assistance. It is a way to give a primary caregiver a break while they are comfortable in the knowledge that their loved one is being looked after to the highest standards available. There are multiple reasons why people turn to these services. Here are five reasons why you should consider reaching out to respite care.

You need a break

aging-respite-care-geriatrics.jpgCaregivers work incredibly hard and are so very selfless, and you may sometimes require a break or some time to yourself to rest, go on vacation, run errands- whatever you need to do. Respite care allows you to do that. You will rest assured that your loved one is being cared for by the experts in a high-quality assisted living community, just like these assisted living New Jersey communities. As well as offering respite care, facilities may also offer memory care and assisted living, making sure your loved one is receiving the support and care that they need in order to live as happily and healthily as possible while you take a break.

Helps with future decisions

Utilizing respite care can be a good way to explore the assisted living facilities available to you, which may help make certain decisions easier if further care is needed in the long term. If you consider future options more seriously now, it allows you and your loved one to feel more comfortable about the change too. Plus, it allows you to understand the costs of such living very early on before you make the big decision.

If you are using facilities for respite care more frequently and in the long term, then this might tell you that your loved one needs a more permanent situation. For example, if you are noticing that they can’t do self-care tasks (or ADLs) that most people do without assistance, it is time to consider long term care options.


gardening-elder-care-arts-crafts.jpgFor your loved one, respite living can be a great way to socialize, get out of the house, or access professional nurses, among other things. The experiences can not only be tailored to your schedule, but the content and activities can vary greatly, depending on how much assistance your loved one requires and their interests and tastes. This can include anything from arts and crafts, theater, music, or wellness; you can choose a facility with a wide range of classes and programs if that is something your loved one will enjoy during their stay.

Wellness is a top priority

Choosing a top-quality facility will give them access to nurse support and professional-grade healthcare, as well as all-day dining with menus that cater to a huge range of tastes and dietary requirements. This means that you won’t have to worry about how well they are eating during their time under someone else’s care.

Finding the right care home

Choosing respite care can seem intimidating, but it is important to remember that you may also need a break. Looking into these options, doing your research, and consulting experts and specialists will help you and your loved one come to a conclusion that best suits your needs. These may include location, schedule, cost, content, and activities. Respite care can allow you to rest and spend time on yourself while knowing that your loved one is also enjoying themselves in a top-quality community.

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Last Updated on February 2, 2021 by Marie Benz MD FAAD