Gladskin Treats Atopic Dermatitis – Eczema – by Repairing Skin Microbiome Interview with:

President of Gladskin USA

Mr. Stein discusses Gladskin , a new category of non-prescription eczema treatment, utilizing “Micreobalance™ is a smart protein that defends against flare-causing bacteria and creates a healthy environment for good bacteria to thrive”. Would you briefly describe what is meant by atopic dermatitis/eczema?

Skyler Stein, MBA

Skyler Stein

Response: Atopic Dermatitis / Eczema is a group of inflammatory skin conditions that cause the skin to become red, and itchy.  Medical Research: What are the atypical cutaneous organisms commonly found on atopic skin

Response: Based on extensive clinical research, it is widely accepted that S. aureus is found in atopic skin at much higher rates than than in non-atopic skin. It was previously thought that S. aureus was simply correlated with atopic dermatitis, but recent research supports the idea that S. aureus is a driving cause of atopic dermatitis flares. In fact, we know that S. aureus produces different endo-toxins that are known to cause itch, irritation and redness and can be a driving force in the flare-itch-flare cycle
How does Gladskin differ from other topical products for AD? What is in Micreobalance™?

Response: Gladskin represents a new category of topical products for people with Eczema, because it is formulated with Micreobalance, a patented endolysin protein developed in Switzerland that actively works to rebalance the skin microbiome as it moisturizes. Endolysins are naturally occuring proteins that work to keep skin bacteria in check.  In addition, Gladskin is preservative free, protecting the healthy protective bacteria that naturally live on our skin, including S. epidermidis; it is hypoallergenic,  free from fragrances and drying alcohols that are typically known to cause irritation in people with sensitive skin. What should readers take away from your offerings?

Response: Endolysins are a newly available skincare ingredient that works to repair the skin microbiome imbalance associated with eczema, while providing all of the benefits of an emollient moisturizer. It’s available for purchase at with free shipping.  



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