Things To Consider Before Terminating A Pregnancy

Unexpected pregnancy and the prospect of a child you might not want can turn your whole world upside down. It’s even possible you may have always wanted children but feel differently now that you have fallen pregnant.

It can be difficult to think clearly when you discover that you are pregnant and are deciding your next options, especially if you feel scared and overwhelmed.

Before you make the decision to terminate a pregnancy, here are some important points to think about.

  • Is Abortion the Best Option?

If you’re absolutely sure that you neither want nor are ready for a child in this stage of your life, abortion isn’t the only option. Before planning to terminate a pregnancy, you may want to research whether alternative options could be right for you.

You have the option to give your baby up for adoption instead. If you are happy to see your pregnancy through and give birth, and then give your baby up for adoption, this can be a viable decision in helping others who may want a child.

This can be especially helpful if you would feel better knowing your baby would have a chance at life, but it’s important to understand how you would feel about this. Many people who give their children up for adoption may regret it later or be unable to live their lives without thinking about their child.

  • Where Should I Get the Abortion?

Suppose you are certain you would like to terminate your pregnancy. In that case, it’s extremely important to make an appointment with a pregnancy termination clinic you can trust and specialized for your needs. A professional medical team should always carry out abortions, and in a place you can feel supported and understand your options. Therefore research into relevant abortion clinics is crucial before you make the decision to schedule an appointment.

  • What are My Reasons for Wanting to Terminate a Pregnancy?

There is no shame in wanting to terminate a pregnancy, but understanding the reasons is key to making the right decision for you. Falling pregnant unexpectedly, and especially at a very young age, could leave you feeling terrified at the idea of having a child. However, being afraid may not be enough of a reason to terminate a pregnancy, if you are in a position to be a good parent and also actually want a child.

Therefore considering reasons outside of fear and anxiety is important. These reasons could include:

  • Not having enough money to raise a child
  • Not having a suitable job, or home
  • Having your own life and career plans which don’t involve a child
  • Am I Being Pressured into a Decision?

Abortion is your own decision when it comes to your own body. If you are in a relationship with someone who does not want a child, but you do, it can be easy to be pressured into having an abortion by them if they do not want to see the pregnancy through.

You should never feel pressured to terminate a pregnancy if you yourself are uncertain, or if you want a child.

You can discuss the decision with loved ones, but the decision is ultimately yours.

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Last Updated on July 6, 2021 by Marie Benz MD FAAD