Cannabidiol Reduced Drop Seizures in Severe Epilepsy Disorder Interview with: Patel, M.D.
Section Chief of Neurology
Interim Division Chief of Neurology
Nationwide Children’s Hospital What is the background for this study?

Response: The study evaluated kids and adults with an epilepsy syndrome (Lennox Gastaut Syndrome – LGS) that is often difficult to treat and does not respond well to current medical treatment.  The study was a double blind randomized control trial evaluating how well a plant based, liquid solution, cannabidiol (CBD) product made by Greenwich Biosciences called Epidiolex helped to treat drop seizures (the most common seizure type in LGS) and how safe it was compared to placebo.  Two doses (10 mg/kg/day and 20 mg/kg/day) were evaluated compared to placebo.

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