Brain Aging in Women Linked to Obesity and Lower Estradiol Levels Interview with:

Rachel Zsido PhD student Department of Neurology  International Max Planck 

Rachel Zsido

Rachel Zsido
PhD student
Department of Neurology
International Max Planck What is the background for this study?

Response: We integrated measures of brain network structure, visceral adipose tissue (VAT), serum estradiol levels, and cognitive performance from 974 participants in order to shed light on potential mechanisms underlying cognitive health. We believe it is imperative to assess sex-specific risk trajectories in brain aging and cognitive decline, especially given the known sex differences in both VAT accumulation patterns and estradiol fluctuations across the lifespan.

Thus, we aimed to answer three questions in men and in women:

1) Does visceral adipose tissue exacerbate the association between age and brain network structure,
2) Does estradiol mitigate the negative association between VAT and brain network structure, and
3) What does this imply for healthy cognitive aging in men and women?  Continue reading