Keeping Healthy as an Older Adult

As you age and get older, you need to make sure your health is at the forefront of everything you do. You need to focus on keeping healthy, ensuring you have a balanced diet that includes your recommended daily allowance of nutrition, fat, and carbohydrates. Having a balanced and healthy diet can keep you in good health and keep illnesses at bay. Exercising too is good for you, even if it just a brisk daily walk. Here’s more info on how to maintain health as a senior.

seniors-walking-aging-geriatrics.jpegStay Active

Keeping and staying active physically is important. Nobody is saying you have to run marathons (unless, of course, you want to) but undertaking even 15 minutes of exercise a day will leave you feeling good and re-energized. If mobility is an issue, there are plenty of beneficial and fun sit-down exercises you can try from the comfort of your chair.

Be Mentally Active

You don’t just need to keep your body in shape; you also have to focus on your mental strength and ability. Doing puzzles, crosswords, or having a game of chess can keep your brain stimulated and exercised. There are lots of single-player games, as well as multi-player games online and offline that can train your brain and keep it working as well as it can.

TOP TIP – Be organized – It may not be at the top of your priority list at the moment, but there may come a time when you may need help with day to day living or possibly even assisted living. There are lots of centers to choose from, and they all offer a wide variety of activities and opportunities to socialize, including Blossom Grove Alzheimer’s Special Care Center, which also features an on-site restaurant, ensuring you can get healthy and nutritious meals when you want them.

Healthy Weight

If you are not the weight you should be, then now is the time to remedy this. Consult your doctor or healthcare professional before trying fad diets and get a plan in place that gets you to a healthy and easy to maintain weight. Being a healthy weight means exercise and general day to day life is easier.

Be Sociable

Meeting new people and talking on a daily basis to people either on the phone, over the internet, or in person keeps your brain exercised and active. Being sociable can help keep you feeling young. Plan lunch meet-ups and get-togethers, so you can in touch with several people at once.

Get enough sleep

Exercise and eating well are just two factors to take into account when getting older. Sleep also plays a big part in how well you age. Ensure you are well-rested. Getting at least 8 hours of sleep a night will recharge your batteries and provide you with energy, which will ultimately leave you feeling re-energized to tackle the day ahead.

Cut down on the alcohol

A glass of wine here and there won’t do you any harm, but if you are consuming large amounts of alcohol on a daily basis, then this needs to change. Enjoy alcohol in moderation.

Remember that getting older doesn’t have to be something you dread. Later life can be just as enjoyable as younger life. Remember, age is just a number.



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Last Updated on January 29, 2021 by Marie Benz MD FAAD