Healthy Eating: Top 5 Best Diets to Follow News & World Report announced  that the Mediterranean style of eating is the best overall diet for 2023.  Only 24 diets were ranked instead of 40 that were analyzed in the past years. Vegan, vegetarian, Nordic, traditional Asian and the glycemic index were integrated into the Mediterranean because of the ‘underlying plant-based principles.’ According to managing editor Gretel Schueller who oversees the annual diet ranking, they are always looking for more health conditions that they can address, but the lack of scientific data for examining other types of diets is a constraint.
Why Aim for Healthy Eating?

The specific recommendations for a healthy diet may differ, but the common approaches include consumption of a variety of fruits and veggies, whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats. Added sugars, salt, and saturated fats must be limited. For example, a healthy mouth is part of overall health. Research has demonstrated the link between gum disease and chronic health conditions such as heart disease, and diabetes, among others. Thus, it is vital to consume healthy foods that promote good gum health which are the foundation of solid teeth.

Mediterranean Diet Leads
The Mediterranean style of eating is beneficial in several ways. Research studies support that this type of diet can reduce the risk of diabetes, high cholesterol, breast cancer, memory loss, depression, and dementia. The diet advocates the use of extra-virgin olive oil, fruits, and vegetables, whole grains, beans and seeds, and oily fish. Red meat is hardly used and dairy and poultry consumed in smaller quantities compared to traditional Western diets. A study by Qian and others  revealed that plant-based diets can help in preventing type 2 diabetes while an observational study suggested that people with a cardiovascular disease history and who followed the diet closely had a 37% lower risk of death than those who did not.
DASH and Flexitarian Share Second Place
These diets share similarities to the Mediterranean style of eating reducing or eliminating processed foods. DASH stresses limiting salt intake to lower blood pressure while the flexitarian diet tolerates occasional consumption of meat or poultry. Research supports DASH as a healthy eating style that may help lower blood pressure and the risk of cardiovascular diseases, kidney problems, and gout. On the other hand, emerging evidence suggests that flexitarianism has a positive effect on body weight and the treatment of inflammatory bowel diseases such as Crohn’s disease.
MIND Diet and TLC Are 4th and 5th
The Mediterranean-DASH Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay combines 2 established diets to improve brain health and lower the risk of mental degradation in addition to focusing on brain healthy foods such as vegetables, berries and nuts. Bad fat and sugar are highly discouraged since they are believed to increase inflammation and amyloid-beta deposits that are plaques in the brain contributing to Alzheimer’s disease. In fifth place is TLC which promotes eating an abundance of veggies, fruits, cereals, and lean meats. In addition to the diet, it’s also vital to be physically active.
The best diets promote healthy eating and advocates for an active lifestyle. While scientific research has consistently demonstrated the positive impact of healthy eating on overall health and well-being, it is essential to consult with healthcare professionals or dietitian for personalized dietary guidelines.


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