Baby Foods Not as Good for Oral Health, BDA Research Finds

The British Dental Association stays on top of important trends that affect health. Baby food is the latest research subject in their crosshairs. With infant health a high concern, there is good reason to take a longer look at food consumption.

Oral Care Exams

Your first infant oral exam at NorthStar Dental Care will go into detail about the dos and don’ts of nutrition. Preventing oral health issues will eliminate some of the most debilitating problems when growing up. This is why the latest research from the BDA is so important, but the devil is still in the details. Before going down the rabbit hole of information, make sure that your baby is scheduled and up to date with all of their dental appointments. The first exam is one of many, with each one after being just as important as the last.

The Latest Information

baby-food-dental-teethAn abundance of sugar has found its way into leading baby food around the world. Generic brands were already a hot topic in this category, so to see the buildup of sugar in name brand products is shocking. The most notable type of baby food to get the sugar treatment are the food pouches. Baby food pouches are trendy thanks to their convenience. When parents need something on the go, grabbing a pouch goes hand and hand with baby formula. The pouches have long expiration dates, and don’t need to be refrigerated to stay fresh. Unfortunately, this convenience comes at the price of the high sugar inclusion.

Sugar by itself is only part of the problem for growing children. The food in baby pouches have a habit of staying on the teeth. Since they are on the teeth longer than a sugary drink, baby food pouches are a direct contributor to bad oral health. If you look at it as an adult, it is like replacing a meal with a snickers bar. Since these sugary foods are marketed at young infants, it introduces bad eating habits that could potentially damage their early development.

Reusable Pouches

Reusable baby food pouches were created as an alternative to the store-bought pouches. With this, parents can drastically cut down on the amount of sugar in each meal. All of this is accomplished with a small amount of prep work. Overall, you get the convenience of the pouch and gain additional cost savings. Reusable pouches can be purchased individually, or as a set with additional accessories. There are several top ten lists about the best products with similar features. Parents can consult with their pediatrician for more information about approved products for reuse. In some cases, there may be an option to receive free samples. It never hurts to ask, and parents may gain insight into a valuable resource.

The BDA Is Serious

The BDA takes oral health seriously, especially when it comes to infants. With food pouches containing more sugar than a Coke, it is important to do food research. There are plenty of alternatives, but it is up to parents to seek out the solution.

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Last Updated on October 27, 2022 by Marie Benz MD FAAD