Education, Mental Health Research / 04.07.2024

  College life is a major milestone, filled with opportunities for personal and professional growth. However, the stakes are high for students pursuing health sciences. Fields like medicine, nursing, and other health-related professions demand rigorous study, long hours, and a deep emotional commitment. The pressure to excel can lead to stress, anxiety, and other mental health challenges. Hence, it is crucial to find effective ways to maintain mental health to thrive academically and personally. Here are nine tips to help you keep your sanity while studying. (more…)
Exercise - Fitness, Ophthalmology / 07.05.2021

Are you a loving parent with a passion for helping your kids achieve the best that they can? It is only natural to want what is best for your family, so it is important to keep an eye on your physical and mental health to create a positive environment for your children to thrive in. As the coronavirus pandemic continues to necessitate restrictions around the world, parents everywhere are being forced to help their children learn from home. If you are starting to feel overwhelmed by the stress of the pandemic — and modern life in general — here are a few tips to help you stay positive and healthy so that you can provide your kids with the best care and attention possible.

Create a Timetable

timetable-schedule Having a reliable routine to adhere to is great way to ensure that you can keep things in perspective. You might just find that the secret benefits of a great timetable make all the difference when it comes to your daily well-being. Designating time for a break within your timetable can give you something to look forward to, while also providing a timeframe in which to achieve your current tasks. Making space for breaks can also be helpful when it comes to alleviating feelings like monotony and apathy. (more…)