Moderate Nuts and Olive Oil Intake Do Not Increase Body Weight in Setting of Mediterranean Diet Interview with:

Dr Ramon Estruch, MD PhD Senior Consultant in the Internal Medicine Department of the Hospital Clinic Barcelona

Dr. Ramon Estruch

Dr Ramon Estruch, MD PhD
Senior Consultant in the Internal Medicine Department of the Hospital Clinic
Barcelona What is the background for this study? What are the main findings?

Dr. Estruch: Although weight stability requires a balance between calories consumed and calories expended, it seems that calories from vegetable fats have different effects that calories from animals on adiposity. Thus, an increase of dietary fat intake (mainly extra virgin olive oil or nuts) achieved naturally in the setting of Mediterranean diet does not promote weight gain or increase in adiposity parameters such as waist circumference. What should readers take away from your report?

Dr. Estruch:  The key to lose weight is to reduce total calories of the diet (eat less) and to promote physical activity (exercise more), but the most important is to reduce calories from all foods included in the Mediterranean diet, and do not reduce only high energy foods such as fats. Thus, the intake of 4 tablespoons or more of extra virgin olive oil a day or 3 serving s or more of nuts a week do not increase bodyweight, always in the setting of a healthy Mediterranean diet. What recommendations do you have for future research as a result of this study?

Dr. Estruch: According to the results of our study, we hypothesize that the intensive lifestyle intervention, including a hypocaloric (energy restricted) Mediterranean diet, a program to promote more exercise and a psychosocial program to promote a more pleasant and happy life will be effective for long-term weight-loss and reduction of waist circumference, and more important, will reduce overall mortality and incidence of cardiovascular events and cancer. Is there anything else you would like to add?

Dr. Estruch: With the promotion of a healthier lifestyle we would reduce cardiovascular events by more than 70 percent. Thank you for your contribution to the community.


Effect of a high-fat Mediterranean diet on bodyweight and waist circumference: a prespecified secondary outcomes analysis of the PREDIMED randomised controlled trial

Estruch, Ramon et al.
The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology

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