Factors that Determine Why the Elderly Choose Assisted Living Facilities

There are several reasons why the elderly select assisted living facilities over their lifetime homes, nursing care, and old age homes. Health issues and getting help in case of an emergency also play a role. For those considering this option, it may be useful to know what advantages this mode of living offers, as experienced by those in assisted living facilities. Let us look at the reality of this choice to determine whether it’s the best fit for you.

The Most Common Reasons

The first reason for opting for assisted living is that it provides a solution to elderly people for the housing dilemma. Many people who have already made this move were living in a house that had become difficult and expensive to maintain. Many found that they could no longer keep up with housework adequately. Some also felt that an assisted living facility offered better security than a large property.

Assisted living may offer smaller apartments for their residents. This allows you to retain your independence while benefitting from the other advantages already mentioned. This is also a good alternative to an old age home or nursing care which somewhat reduces your freedom.

Experiences of the Elderly are many ways in which the elderly describe their experiences in assisted living facilities positively. One of the primary reasons is that they get to keep their cherished possessions and furniture, so it truly feels like home. They also have control of how their furnishings are arranged to ensure that there is enough space to move around comfortably.

The option to enjoy the outdoors and enjoy the fresh air is usually solved by ample gardens. Larger room size was one of the main attractions, as well as the ability to socialize and remain active was another advantage offered by these facilities. Compassionate care was also cited as a key factor. Finally, being close to family was an important benefit why elderly people chose certain living facilities. If you are considering senior living St Louis MO, Mcknight Place may be worth checking out.

Health Issues

A survey showed that 40% of people in assisted living facilities suffered from short-term memory problems. Dementia, or Alzheimer’s, affects 42% of the elderly, while a further 28% experienced depression and anxiety. Other problems were arthritis, osteoporosis, heart failure, strokes, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Sustaining a healthy diet can become difficult for an elderly person who suffers from arthritis or other conditions that make food preparation difficult. An assisted living facility provides meals that are nutritious and that are aimed to be attractive to the older eye and palette but yet are easy to digest.

Many elderly people are understandably concerned about health issues. They may fear not being able to get themselves help if needed. Assisted living takes care of this with in-house medical staff and swift action to call an ambulance should it be required. To this day, assisted living remains one of the most viable options for elderly person to live out their final years.

If you are considering moving to an assisted living facility, don’t hesitate to ask the opinions of people who have already made the decision. 

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