Lung Cancer Survival Improved By Thoracic Radiotherapy

Prof. dr. B.J. Slotman VU University Medical Center Cancer Center Amsterdam Interview wth:
Prof. dr. B.J. Slotman
VU University Medical Center Cancer Center
Amsterdam Netherlands

Medical Research: What are the main findings of this study?

Prof. Slotman: This randomized trial showed that the use of thoracic radiotherapy in patients with extensive stage small cell lung cancer reduces the risk of intrathoracic progression by about 50% and improves 2 years survival from 3 to 13%.

Medical Research: Were any of the findings unexpected?

Prof. Slotman: We anticipated both the reduction in intrathoracic progression and the survival improvement. However, in the first year, the survival curves overlapped and only after the first year, the benefit of thoracic radiotherapy became evident.

Medical Research: What should patients and clinicians take away from this report?

Prof. Slotman: Thoracic radiotherapy should now be considered in addition to. PCI in all patients with ES-small-cell lung cancer who respond to chemotherapy.

Medical Research: What further research do you recommend as a result of this report?

Prof. Slotman: A logical next step would be to evaluate the effect of radiotherapy to other sites of residual disease after chemotherapy.


Use of thoracic radiotherapy for extensive stage small-cell lung cancer: a phase 3 randomised controlled trial
Ben J Slotman MD,Harm van Tinteren PhD,John O Praag MD,Joost L Knegjens MD,Sherif Y El Sharouni MD,Matthew Hatton FRCR,Astrid Keijser MSc,Suresh Senan FRCR,Corinne Faivre-Finn PhD
The Lancet – 14 September 2014
DOI: 10.1016/S0140-6736(14)61085-0