Men face a remarkable number of health problems that can be solved with fiber and probiotic rich diets.

Men, the Microbiome, and Weight Loss

The obesity rate has climbed steadily for men in the United States, currently rolling in at nearly 38% and still rising. That’s far from good news, and it’s doing nothing to help with the growing cardiovascular and heart disease statistics. Fighting obesity can be incredibly difficult, especially with our increasingly sedentary lifestyles brought on by modern conveniences. With diets popping up every day, it can be hard to pick, but one diet has arisen with a focus on digestive and general body health rather than strict weight loss: fiber-high diets.

What is it?

Fiber-high diets are exactly what they sound like, in that they’re dietary plans based on consuming fiber heavy foods to help promote a healthy digestive system. Our gut is home to massive colonies of helpful bacteria that work to aid us in breaking down our food and keep our body healthy. Fiber-high diets focus on feeding these bacteria the best possible fuel to promote a healthy body system, commonly referred to as the microbiome.

Why Pick It?

Men face a remarkable number of health problems that can be solved with fiber and probiotic rich diets. While no diet can be a panacea for your body, men find keeping their microbiome healthy, an essential step in general wellness such as replenishing levels of testosterone. The same goes for weight loss, maintaining a healthy body, and especially digestive and gut health.

Another fantastic quality of this type of diet is how flexible it is. Many other diets focus entirely on cutting out certain foods, focusing only on certain others, and similar such tactics. Digestive health diets are primarily focused on ensuring that the foods consumed include certain foods, but few sorts are outlawed from your plate. This makes it easy to follow, as there’s no need to force yourself to eat foods you don’t normally enjoy, or even cut out those that you do.

Additionally, you’ll enjoy a generally cheaper diet than average. In today’s trend-heavy dietary world, certain trends catching on causes them to be more expensive. One only needs to walk through a few aisles at a local grocer to see the drastic increase in price to any word that has “organic” tacked onto the sign. Digestive health diets won’t suffer from this, as the foods are primarily common foods that we already eat, just that we simply don’t eat enough of.

Easy to Follow

There’s more going on in a diet than just the food you eat. Those following diets usually have to restrict or completely change their eating schedule, counting calories and tallying up every meal to make sure no thresholds are crossed. With fiber-high and digestive health diets, the most important aspect past the food you eat is to do your best to eat on a schedule or routine. Small, more frequent meals are also preferred over larger, spaced out meals. Above all, avoid overeating and get exercising.

Diets have become part of wellness trends for as long as people have wanted to be healthy, and they aren’t going anywhere. Though they have a tendency to beat away some weight loss hopefuls, the right diet is out there for every man that wants to get in shape. Following a fiber-high diet with a focus on probiotics and digestive health will keep the microbiome healthy and nurtured, ensuring that the weight loss journey is as easy as it can be.

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Last Updated on January 22, 2019 by Marie Benz MD FAAD