Gore-Tex vs. Silicone Nasal Implants: What Are the Key Differences?

Rhinoplasty is a common plastic surgery procedure for people who want to alter the look of their nose. There are several versions of the procedure, including one that augments the nose by adding an implant.


Some surgeons prefer to use human cartilage from the septum, ears, or ribs. But, other surgeons prefer to use synthetic implants made of either Gore-Tex or silicone. Before you get a nose job from the best rhinoplasty surgeons, it is important to know which material is best for you. Before you choose Gore-Tex or silicone, you should take time to talk to your surgeon and work together to pick the material that will give you the look you want. An augmentation rhinoplasty takes about 90 minutes, but the change to your face will last a lifetime.

  1. What is a silicone implant?

The silicone implant is easy to insert and easy to shape. It can also be removed if there are any problems. Surgeons like them as they offer a more noticeable lift to the bridge of the nose. Silicone implants need very small incisions, if they are done from the outside.

  1. What is a Gore-Tex implant?

Gore-Tex is porous, so it gives a less noticeable lift to the bridge as it merges with the tissues in the nose. Surgeons like to use Gore-Tex because it provides a natural look. Because Gore-Tex integrates with nasal tissue, it is more difficult to remove than a silicone implant.

  1. Advantages of Each

Silicone implants are popular and the material has been tested over many years. They are affordable, and surgeons can contour them into the patient’s desired shape. They come in a standard form, but are easy to trim. Silicone implants come in two standard shapes, L and I. The L shape is the most commonly used because it adds definition to the bridge and tip. The I shape only helps enhance the bridge.

Gore-Tex has several benefits, too. They look natural when inserted into the nose. Gore-Tex withstands high temperatures better than silicone does. So, people who live in warmer climates are better off with Gore-Tex. Since Gore-Tex blends with nasal tissues, it does not move as much a silicone implant moves.

  1. Disadvantages of Each

The silicone implant has several disadvantages. Unfortunately, silicone implants look unnatural, and after a few years the implant becomes visible under the skin. Silicone implants can become infected, which is a major drawback. And, unfortunately, the preset shape means that some silicone implants are too big for the space that surgeons have to work with, so they look unnatural.

The Gore-Tex implants cost more than silicone implants, and like silicone implants, they can become infected. The major drawback of Gore-Tex implants is the possibility of infection, because they are very difficult to remove after they intermix with the nasal tissue. Gore-Tex can shrink and change over time, so some patients need follow-up surgery to repair the damage caused by the change of the material.

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Last Updated on July 29, 2020 by Marie Benz MD FAAD